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Nuestro espacio


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Nota de agradecimiento

Posted on 6 March, 2014 at 17:30 Comments comments (993)
Hola Maria/Susana,
Por este medio quiero agradecerles por todo el soporte para con el proceso de transferencia de la familia Carbuccia José.
Su ayuda ha sido clave para minimizar la curva de adaptación a este cambio.
Espero volver a trabajar con uds. muy pronto.
¡ Un abrazo grande a las dos ¡

Gratitude from client

Posted on 6 March, 2014 at 17:18 Comments comments (1840)
Hi Susana & Maria
How are you? I hope all is well.
Thank you for your assistance when I moved here – it really made things so much easier for us.
I sincerely wish you all the best and continued success and happiness in everything.
Kindest regards,

Moving Tip 6/1 week before

Posted on 29 August, 2013 at 17:31 Comments comments (536)
Moving Tips - 6 Weeks Before 
 Make a list of things that are valuable or difficult to replace. Plan on shipping these by certified mail or carrying them with you. Make a list of friends, relatives and businesses to notify of your move. Work your way through each room taking inventory and deciding what to donate or throw away. Start planning a yard sale or contact your local charities. Subscribe to the newspaper in your new hometown to start learning about events and the local culture. Begin using things that can't be moved, such as frozen foods, bleach and aerosol cleaners.   

 Moving Tips - 5 Weeks Before 
 Begin collecting boxes and other packing supplies. You can order a wide selection of moving boxes from U-Pack to be delivered to your door. Begin packing items you don't use often. Also start separating and disposing of the items you've designated for a yard sale, donation or the junk yard. If you donate, be sure to get a receipt for income tax purposes. Start pinpointing a "move date". This will be the day you receive your  trailer  for loading. Plan ahead for parking the Trailer.  You should contact your property manager or local authorities to ensure you will be complying with any parking restrictions. Plan for short-term or long-term storage at destination if needed.   

 Moving Tips - 4 Weeks Before 
 Reserve your moving company.
 If you are loading into a trailer, ramps are available at most locations. Purchase furniture pads, mattress protectors, dish protectors, two wheelers and more through the U-Pack Moving Boxes and Supply Store. File a change of address with the Postal Service. If you are unsure of your new address, ask the postal service to hold your mail at their office in your new city. Schedule disconnection of all utility services at your old home, and connection of them at your new one. Be sure to disconnect the day after you leave and connect the day before you arrive. If you have "last month" deposits with services, such as the water or gas company, request your refund. Make travel arrangements for your pets. Don’t forget to include necessary medical and immunization records. Advertise and host your garage sale. Call your newspaper courier and set a date to cancel your subscription.   

 Moving Tips - 3 Weeks Before 
 Make sure all library books have been returned and all dry cleaning or items out for repair have been picked up. Also retrieve any items out on loan. Decide if you will keep your plants or give them away. Remember plants cannot be loaded into the trailer or ReloCube. Dispose of flammables, corrosives and poisons. Have your automobile(s) serviced. Prepare auto registration to be transferred. If you are moving into or out of an apartment, arrange to use the elevator on your move day.   

 Moving Tips - 2 Weeks Before 
 Contact your bank and/or credit union to transfer or close accounts. Clear out safety deposit boxes. Pick up traveler's checks or cash for "on the road" expenses. Confirm travel arrangements for pets and family. Confirm parking for your trailer/ReloCube, and obtain parking permits if needed. Notify any creditors of your move. Plan meals for the last week of the move to help empty the refrigerator and avoid using appliances that will already be packed. Assemble a folder of important information about the house for the new owner of your home. 

 Moving Tips - 1 Week Before 
 Contact your local ABF terminal to confirm a time to receive your trailer/ReloCube one or two business days before your move. Review your BOL and contact your moving coordinator with any questions or concerns. Print two-copies of your Bill of Lading (BOL) and place in your moving file. Notify friends and family of your new address and phone number with a free Moving Notice. Finish packing and prepare an "essentials" box. Designate several moving boxes and items as "last load" items. Pack your suitcases and valuables separately. Drain water hoses and waterbed. Empty, defrost and clean your refrigerator at least 24 hours before moving day. Prepare all appliances for loading.

Useful tips seven weeks before/ 7 semanas antes de la mudanza

Posted on 1 October, 2011 at 18:10 Comments comments (1248)
Seven weeks before
- Start compiling medical and dental records - including prescriptions and shot records.
- Arrange to have school records transferred to your children's new school district and/or daycare.
- Get copies of any legal and financial records you need.
- Arrange for veterinarian records to be transferred.
- Call your insurance agent to see what changes to expect in your policies for changing states. Ask if moving is covered and arrange for insurance for your new home.
- Contact health clubs or other organizations you have joined. Ask how to move, sell, or end your membership.
Hope you find these tips useful. keep in touch!
7 Semanas antes:
-  Recopile toda su hístoria clínica y la de su familia, incluyendo sus prescripciones médicas, indicacionesy registros de vacunación.
- Prepare y tramite las transcripciones de los boletines, notas y reportes escolares.
- Llame a su seguro médico para informarse acerca del alcance de su cobertura fuera del país y  averigüe si tiene convenio con el que ud . tendrá en el nuevo destino.
- Contacte clubs u organizaciones de las cuales ud. sea socia para transferir si es posible su  membresía.
Esperamos les sean útiles estos datitos, seguimos en conctacto siempre!

Moving to Dominican Republic? Find some tips

Posted on 23 August, 2011 at 20:15 Comments comments (1560)
Planning to move to Dominican Republic or abroad? Find some tips here!
8/6 Weeks before:
1) Create a "move file" to keep track of estimates, receipts and other important information.
2) Budget for moving expenses and start collecting estimates.
3) Start compiling medical and dental records - including prescriptions and shot records.
4) Arrange to have school records transferred to your children's new school.
5) Get copies of any legal and financial records you need.
Next week find some more. Let's meet us up again and if you have something to give away please share!
Have a great one! Best to you all!
Susana & Maria
Estás planificando tu próxima mudanza a República Dominicana o a otro país?
Acá te damos algunos tips importantes para que tengas en cuenta:
8/6 semanas antes:
1) Crea un archivo que se llame mudanza en el que tengas toda la info con los presupuestos, recibos y todos aquellos comprobantes de pago y cuentas pendientes.
2) Presupuesta todos tus gastos y compara los presupuestos que pediste. Definí uno es hora!
3) Empezá a recolectar todos tus historias clínicas y las de tu familia.
4) Reunite con las autoridades administrativas y educativas de los colegios de tus hijos para transcribir las notas y reportes escolares a la nueva escuela o institución educativa.
5) Hace copias de todos tus documentos, historiales legales y/o reportes financieros que sepas vas a utilizar. 
La próxima semana te daremos más tips. Te esperamos en el blog. Si tenes algún tip, info útil o experiencia personal para contar no dudes en compartirla acá en nuestro espacio.
Exitos! Que tengan una buena semana.
Susana & Maria

Nuestro espacio

Posted on 23 May, 2011 at 20:05 Comments comments (1717)
Hola a todos!!!
Bienvenidos a este espacio que queremos compartir con ustedes!!!
Nos gustaría nos cuenten sus experiencias, nos hagan comentarios útiles y nos den sus opiniones acerca de lo que crean pueda ser un aporte.
Seguimos en contacto!!!
Susana y Maria